neoneunmachine asked:

Hello :) I am trying to get EXO's CD but I could not decide which website I should get it from. I have been buying from Yesasia, but I realize that other websites like kpopmart and kpoptown seem to have them for a cheaper price. Can you recommend me which website I should get it from? Thank you :)

I’ve had good experiences with Yesasia. What’s important is that you search if the site is legal and verified. You can often see this on the site, it has a webshop verified sign. 

Yesasia is a bit more expensive because they ship from Korea, and thus you’ll have to pay more. I hope I helped you!

xoxo, Admin D.


Anonymous asked:

Hi there :) I just discovered this fan base today and I'm loving the layout!! However, i would like to request an update on the age of the members. They're older now of course but you have there ages from 2 years before I believe. That's all. Once again, LOVE THE FRIGGIN' LAYOUT. EXO FOREVER <3

Thanks for being a fan, we’ll work on that update! 


xoxo, Admin D.


Anonymous asked:

Exo-M is about 1.5 years older on average than Exo-K, is that why it's "exo-men" and "exo-kids"?


Ha, ha.. that’s quite funny. But no. K still stands for Korean and M still stands for Mandarin. And think about, will we really consider Luhan more man than Chanyeol?

xoxo, Head Admin D.


Anonymous asked:

Hi, Could you recommend any of Exo-M songs that you really really like? Thank you.

Hello! Why ofcourse.. even though there’s not much to pick from, ha!

I like 3.6.5. It’s very upbeat, perfect for a sunny day outside.

Baby don’t cry is always a winner. 

Black Pearl is a special kind of song but it does get addictive :)

xoxo, Admin D.

ddeobokki asked:

Hello, can you help me promote? I'll be taking pre-orders for EXO XOXO Kiss & Hug (for Malaysia) for more information, mention me on twitter @zyixingxx // or contact me through my shop here on facebook (Kpop Infinities) Thank you ^^

Voilá. Promoted.

xoxo, Head Admin D.


Anonymous asked:

ahh your blog is so beautifulll!!! thank you for all of your hard work! c: I was wondering, could you possibly make a list of every EXO song? I am very confused about all of the teaser songs that came out and any leaked songs~ thank you very much, and don't do it if it is too much of a burden! <3

Thank you a lot, we all contribute, but ofcourse having so much nice people following us is great. First of all, leaked songs are a touchy subject so I’m only going to inform you about them and not post a link.

The following songs count for both EXO-M and K.

Songs with an MV:

  • MAMA
  • History
  • What is Love?

Full songs without a MV (on the album):

  • Machine
  • Two Moons
  • Angel/Into the world

Unreleased songs. (From the teasers and leaked):

  • My Lady (Teaser 1, 4)
  • Time Control (Teaser 2)
  • Metal (Teaser 3, 15)
  • Lightsaber (Teaser 6)
  • Run & Gun (Teaser 7)
  • Black Pearl (Teaser 8)
  • Pheonix (Teaser 10)
  • Let out the beast (Teaser 11)
  • Emergency (Teaser 18)
  • Beautiful (Teaser 19)
  • El Dorado (Teaser 20)
  • Baby Don’t Cry (Teaser 21
  • Wolf (Supposedly leaked)

I hope this helped!

Xoxo, Head Admin D.

superwomanbelike asked:

Do you think exo would ever date someone foreign? As in a non asian?

Well, actually there is no real answer to this. When EXO is allowed to date, they will probably date someone nice they met. And since they go abroad very often, they might date non asians. 

However, for everyone in the world dating with foreigners is a difficult thing, a long distance relationship is horrible. And considering EXO are famous singers, they are even more busy and have even less time to date people who live far away. But never say never, I guess.

xoxo, head admin D.

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